Robotic Milking
South Australia.

Modernising dairy farms with leading robotic milking technology to improve farmers’ work-life balance and cow health

As a Lely dealer on Fleurieu Peninsula, SA, we offer comprehensive automatic milking systems, installation, maintenance, and support solutions

As a Lely dealer on Fleurieu Peninsula, SA, we offer comprehensive automatic milking systems, installation, maintenance, and support solutions

Robotic Milking South Australia partners with Lely Australia 

Robotic Milking South Australia is proud to be partnering with Lely Australia, a world-leading provider of innovative solutions for agricultural automation. We specialise in providing farmers with the next generation of Lely Astronaut milking robots, which provide maximum efficiency and comfort for dairy cows.

Providing robotic milking solutions for farming needs

Our staff is highly experienced in robotic milking and will work with you to provide the best solutions for your farming needs. We are dedicated to improving the lives of both farmers and their cows, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia

Who We are

Robotic Milking South Australia

Robotic Milking SA is a family owned and operated business, offering professional expertise in the robotic milking industry with a strong commitment to customer service. With over 10 years of experience servicing the dairy industry in the Fleurieu Peninsula, Robotic Milking SA is the ideal choice for all your robotic milking needs.

As a dealer for the Lely Australia network, our Lely Center in Fleurieu Peninsula is located in Goolwa, 62 Gardiner Street, South Australia. Through our partnership with Lely, we provide local dairy automation solutions supporting dairy farming and the broader agricultural industry.


Robotics in dairy farming

Meet the Connor family

“What’s it gonna be in the future? To me I think it’s robotic milking”, says the Connor family, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Michael and Jodie Connor, along with their children, currently manage two family dairies on the Fleurieu Peninsula. One of these farms, located in Mt. Jagged, is a newly built robotic dairy with six Lely A5 robots installed. Jake Connor works as the overall farm manager, overseeing the pastures and cattle on both dairies and Chelsea, who describes herself as an animal lover, oversees the calf rearing and animal health.


Robotic milking product range

At Robotic Milking South Australia, we are committed to providing the most advanced and efficient dairy farming solutions available. In partnership with Lely Australia, we offer a selection of state-of-the-art automatic milking systems and products designed to enhance productivity, improve cow health, and simplify daily operations.

We supply Lely’s milking robots, feeding, and cow-care products

Explore our innovative range of products as they represent a step forward in automating dairy farming.

Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia

Lely Astronaut Milking Robot

The natural way to milk

Greater milk yields and readily available milking data: it’s all possible with robotic milking. The system collects individual cow data on production and cow health, alerting you to any changes so you can devote your attention to the cows that need it most.


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Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia

Lely Calm Calf Feeder

For optimal growth and development from calf to cow.

​Reduce the breeding period and stimulate the calf’s development into a strong, healthy, and high-yielding cow with the Lely Calm.  This automatic feeder supplies milk at the right temperature and provides insights into the milk intake of each calf.


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Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia

Lely Luna Cow Brush

For optimal cow comfort

Keeping cow welfare to optimum levels leads to happier, healthier, and more productive cows.  Health can be enhanced by proper skin care.  The Lely Luna brushes the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and removes dust.  For relaxed animals and a calm herd.


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Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia

Lely Juno Feed Pusher 

Pushing feed automatically, day and night

Save 1,800 Liters of fuel and 180 hours of labour on average each year and minimise leftover feed using the Lely Juno.  As the feed is always within reach at the feed fence, the cows become more active and produce more milk as a result.


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Robotic Milking South Australia
Robotic Milking South Australia

Lely Discovery Collector Manure Scraper

Makes the floor cleaner and claws cleaner

The Discovery Collector has been specially designed for barns and sheds with a closed floor and works revolutionarily different from a traditional manure scraper.  This not only makes the floor cleaner, but the cows also keep their claws cleaner. Cow health and animal welfare improve.


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What is robotic milking?

Robotic milking, also known as Automatic Milking Systems (AMS), is an advanced technology designed to automate the milking process. These systems use robotic arms equipped with sensors to locate and attach to the cow’s teats and then extract milk. The technology is designed to operate independently, with minimal human intervention, managing everything from milking to cleaning itself post-operation. This allows for flexible milking schedules, enhanced efficiency, and better animal welfare. 


The benefits of robotic milking

Robotic milking technology offers significant advantages for dairy operations and improves the quality of life for both cows and farmers.

Increased milk yield

AMS systems allow more frequent milking without additional labour, increasing milk production.

Enhanced cow health monitoring

Continuous health monitoring through sensors ensures cows receive timely care, improving overall animal health.

Operational efficiency

Automation reduces the physical demands of milking, minimising labour costs and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Improved farmer well-being

By automating the milking process, farmers experience less physical strain and gain more flexible time management, significantly improving their work-life balance.

Improved cow comfort

Cows benefit from a less restrictive milking schedule, which reduces stress and promotes better health.

Data-driven insights

Robotic systems provide valuable data that help farmers make informed decisions about milk quality and herd management.


Why Choose Robotic Milking South Australia

Choosing Robotic Milking South Australia as your partner in dairy automation has numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why dairy farmers choose us.

Partnership with Lely Australia

As a Lely dealer, we work closely with Lely to bring you dairy automation and advanced milking technologies.

Comprehensive installation & maintenance

Our team handles all installation, maintenance, and support aspects, ensuring your robot milking systems operate smoothly.

Complete equipment support

We provide full support for all Lely products and other related equipment, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Robot farm operational expertise

Our extensive experience in robot farm operations allows us to optimise your dairy operations for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Dedicated local support

Our local presence means we can readily assist with your needs through personalised services.   

Innovative solutions tailored to your farm

We customise our solutions to fit your farm’s requirements, enhancing productivity and sustainability.